Palatal Height and /r/

We just had a couple of questions on palatal height (high arch and torus palatinus) affecting /r/ production. In my experience, there is not specific manner or place of articulation for /r/, so my emphasis has been on attaining a successful production of /r/ in some context. This is what The Entire World of R Advanced Screening and Screening Kit attempt to assist with. Obviously abnormalities in the oral cavity may distort sound production. Has anyone reading this had exerience with this issue? What techniques did you use to be successful?


  1. Hi,
    I am responding to the palatal height and /r/question. I have been an SLP for 15 years and a COM (certified orofacial myologist) for 5 years. I absolutely think that the /r/ can be affected by the palatal height. In the case of a narrow, highly arched palate, production of a “back up” or “retroflex” /r/ could be affected as the stabilization point of the tongue is the upper part of the upper back molars. Even a compensatory posture of the lateral borders against the lower part of the upper back molars would be awkward and difficult to blend into other sounds as it would be produced below the horizontal midline of the mouth. What I find is if it seems like this is occuring, then it may be worth waiting until there is palatal expansion.

    • Thanks so much for sharing. This should be helpful to others that are interested.

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