American SLP in England?

Does anyone know of an American SLP working in England?

How would you solve this problem?

“My husband and I, and both children, are American. However, we moved to England in 2006 and have been here ever since. Our kids have been in our local London neighborhood school for four years now. I suspect that something about the timing of our move affected my son’s speech and basically did away with his /r/ sounds! He was 3 1/2 years old when we arrived, and started right into what they call Nursery here, which is like Preschool. He is now in Year 3 (equivalent of Second Grade), has just turned 8, and of course has been surrounded every day by British sounding friends, classmates, and – most importantly – teachers as he has learned to read, write, and speak. Of the four of us, he has acquired the strongest British language tendencies even though my husband and I have kept our very midwestern American accents. interestingly, My daughter (10) has waffled and we consider her “bilingual” these days, able to switch back and forth between American and British English when she wants. I must say that the whole subject of language has fascinated us as we’ve experienced the differences and watched the children adapt.

My son’s basic lack of /r/s is not of any concern to staff at school as he is at the top of his class, very social, expressive, and easily understood. We are so used to excusing his speech as being a British accent that it was only last year that I realized I’d never heard him utter a real, true /r/ sound in his life (although his “accent” is immediately noticed and commented on by American friends and family when they hear him on the phone or in a video call). With the school’s lack of worry and speech services being what they are here (nonexistent), we would need to pay privately for any evaluation and therapy. Given the way /r/ is pronounced so differently here, I wouldn’t even feel sure that those strong American /r/s we’re after would result from such therapy. I am a music teacher myself, had a brief but positive speech therapy experience myself for a minor lisp when I was little, and feel quite confident that I could work patiently and consistently with my son at home if given the right tools and direction. However, I don’t want to take the risk of doing anything that might delay him even more.”



  1. I have a speech-language practice here in the US, but I also work for a company called “TinyEYE Therapy Services” ( We provide private speech therapy via telepractice to clients all over the world. In telepractice, the client is at his computer, and through a webcam and headset, connects to his therapist via the TinyEYE network. We develop a therapy plan, and use a therapeutic online game system to develop skills. Homework is also provided through an online “backpack”.

    This might help you to get an “American” speaker, perhaps even from your area of the country, to help your son with his /r/ sounds!

    Hope this helps!

  2. This reply is many months after the post so you may no longer be in need, but I can give you an email address of an American SLP in London. She is from Oklahoma and moved to London a few years ago. Email me for her info: staroo66 AT hotmail DOT com

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