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Qualifying Your Students for /r/ Intervention

By Christine Ristuccia, M.S. CCC-SLP When qualifying students for /r/ intervention, it is important to begin with a formal assessment, such as the Goldman Fristoe Test of Articulation.  This test gives limited data about which specific /r/s have been mis-produced.  I recommend utilizing the Entire World of R (EWR) screening tools to specifically identify which /r/ has been mis-produced. Below is an example of a summary of the EWR screening....

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How to Administer Speech Screenings in 10 Minutes or Less

By Christine Ristuccia, M.S. CCC-SLP Administration of a speech screening does not take long, yet it is a critical first step in being able to successfully overcome speech disorders with your students. I initially qualify my students for speech services and then re-administer the single word screening approximately every five sessions to assess their progress and current performance levels. Here is how you can administer speech screenings in 10...

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Practical Strategies for Prevocalic /r/; Never underestimate the Power of Intervention

I have been blogging about prevocalic/r/ intervention in regards to gliding or w/r substitution  Example:   rain vs. Wayne   In intervention for /r/, I teach students that if a /w/ is produced instead of an/r/ as in Wayne vs. rain that the listeners would most likely get confused and think that they are referring to a boy named ‘Wayne versus rain like the weather.  I worked recently with a first grade student who used the Entire World of...

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Practical Intervention Strategies; Educating Teacher and Parents About the Intervention Process

    I met with a parent this week for a student who has a phonological disorder. It was an annual review meeting and previous goals were  reviewed. The previous goal was written in jargon that only a speech pathologist would know with no baseline results.  This made it difficult for me to measure progress, the parent, teacher  and school administrator did not understand the phonological processes jargon. It made me reflect on...

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Practical Strategies for /r/ You mean I don’t have to think about my speech?

The school year is nearing-5 weeks left!   I have begun to accelerate my students especially my 5th graders.  I have found the following technique to be quite effective and has lead to generalization of other /r/ allophones that had been misproduced.   I re-administered the Entire World of R Advanced Screening tool.  Afterward, I made two lists: 1).  All correctly produced /r/ words from the 4 /r/ categories\ prevocalic /r/, initial /r/...

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Practical Strategies for Prevocalic /r/

I often explain to students that if they misproduce prevocalic /r/ and substitute /w/ for /r/ as in west for rest that there can be confusion with  listeners.  I use the EWR 8 deck set prevocalic  and medial/final /rl/ deck to visually show the difference between rest as in your bed and west the direction.   I place the two cards side by side and visually show them the difference while working on auditory discrimination. Howay for Wodney...

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