Vocalic /r/ ASHA Approved Courses

Exciting news! We have 3 ASHA approved online courses for CEU credit. Learn more about our courses and how to master our 10 step process to vocalic /r/ assessment and remediation.

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How to get started with Say It Right

Say It Right’s President Christine Ristuccia, M.S. CCC-SLP shares this video on how to get started with Say It Right’s comprehensive speech therapy and development products for SLPs. Visit our website at to browse through our  extensive products and solutions to take your curriculum to the next...

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Get organized in life and in the classroom with strong categorization skills

By Christine Ristuccia, M.S. CCC-SLP President, Say It Right During the holiday break, I embarked upon the daunting task of organizing my entire house. What an emotional feat it was to purge the things that I no longer needed, while forging through all of my things, as well as my kids’ belongings, going from room to room and categorizing like objects such as baking supplies (flour, sugar, measuring cups, etc). To make my organization...

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How to Administer Speech Screenings in 10 Minutes or Less

By Christine Ristuccia, M.S. CCC-SLP Administration of a speech screening does not take long, yet it is a critical first step in being able to successfully overcome speech disorders with your students. I initially qualify my students for speech services and then re-administer the single word screening approximately every five sessions to assess their progress and current performance levels. Here is how you can administer speech screenings in 10...

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Practical Strategies for Prevocalic /r/; Never underestimate the Power of Intervention

I have been blogging about prevocalic/r/ intervention in regards to gliding or w/r substitution  Example:   rain vs. Wayne   In intervention for /r/, I teach students that if a /w/ is produced instead of an/r/ as in Wayne vs. rain that the listeners would most likely get confused and think that they are referring to a boy named ‘Wayne versus rain like the weather.  I worked recently with a first grade student who used the Entire World of...

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Practical Intervention Strategies; Educating Teacher and Parents About the Intervention Process

    I met with a parent this week for a student who has a phonological disorder. It was an annual review meeting and previous goals were  reviewed. The previous goal was written in jargon that only a speech pathologist would know with no baseline results.  This made it difficult for me to measure progress, the parent, teacher  and school administrator did not understand the phonological processes jargon. It made me reflect on...

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