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Practical Intervention Strategies; Educating Teacher and Parents About the Intervention Process

    I met with a parent this week for a student who has a phonological disorder. It was an annual review meeting and previous goals were  reviewed. The previous goal was written in jargon that only a speech pathologist would know with no baseline results.  This made it difficult for me to measure progress, the parent, teacher  and school administrator did not understand the phonological processes jargon. It made me reflect on...

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The Importance of Conversational Speech Sample for Speech Therapy Evaluations and Intervention Sessions

  Importance of a conversational speech sample A fluency student of mine had a trienniel evaluation coming up.  I administered the Stuttering Severity Index  and did not notice any dysfluencies.  I was still seeing him for intervention and decided to walk around the track with another fluency student so we could engage in a naturalistic conversation.  I heard part and whole word repetitions during his conversational speech sample.  I...

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Good posture is the Key to Effective Speech and Language Intervention

Hello everyone- I have been noticing a lot lately that the kiddos in my groups are slouching.  Many of these students are fluency kids. I tried one of my yoga alignment tricks at school the other day with my fluency group.  I got amazing results and the students were also pleasantly surprised. First, I had them sit up straight as you will see in the S-spine picture from Say It Right Yoga for Small Spaces Yoga Cards on this page. Next, I had...

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