Progress Reports for Speech and Language Intervention

It is progress report time.  How will you report progress to teachers, parents and administrators?  The first and easiest way I find to do this is to keep daily progress notes for each student.  When I do this, the notes and percentages are right in front of me.  How do I keep progress for vocalic /r/?   I use the baseline results page found in the Entire World of R book of Elicitation Techniques and in the Entire World of R Advanced...

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Yoga and Learning

Yoga is preparation for life.  The way we are on the yoga mat, our thoughts and reactions, mirrors the way we are in life.    When things get tough or when something happens that you do not like how do you respond?  How do the students you are working with respond? Do you make noises?  Flap your arms or hands?      Tune out?  Leave the room?        Get angry?  Start being disruptive?    Distract yourself?  Check out...

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