Good posture is the Key to Effective Speech and Language Intervention

Hello everyone-

I have been noticing a lot lately that the kiddos in my groups are slouching.  Many of these students are fluency kids.

I tried one of my yoga alignment tricks at school the other day with my fluency group.  I got amazing results and the students were also pleasantly surprised.

First, I had them sit up straight as you will see in the S-spine picture from Say It Right Yoga for Small Spaces Yoga Cards on this page.

Next, I had them pull back their neck so that the hyoid bone (the floating bone which  is a horseshoe-shaped bone situated in the anterior midline of the neck between the chin and the thyroid cartilage).  When this bone is sticking out, it has a direct effect on the diaphragm and breathing.  When I had them pull back this bone I asked them to feel it in their belly.  They all felt their belly engage.

I had them inhale a deep breath and while holding the bone back, begin to talk.  The dysfluencies that were there a minute before were gone.

Easy, fast and effective!  Give it a try.  YSS



    • Yes, the change was instantaneous and with very subtle movement. Powerful, simple and effective!

  1. Yoga is a great strategy to incorporate into communication therapy.

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