photo (7) photo (10)Yesterday, before my first phonological group at school, I read the article below by Jennifer Taps and Jessica Barlow

CSHA 2013: Powerful Assessment and Analysis
for Children with Phonological Disorders


I used the Say It Right Entire World of /s/, /r/ and /l/ blends change a story flip book.  It was effective because there are three panels options with colorful pictures.    You can change one panel or all three.  I gave the student the option about which panel she wanted to change.  When I asked her which panel to change, I was providing verbal modeling for the initial /s/ clusters.  We repeated many of the panels while interchanging the other panels.  The results I had were amazing!  The student spontaneously produced final /k/ as in pink.  I jumped out of my seat with sheer joy and amazement.


On the way back to her kindergarten class, she spontaneously produced final /g/.  I am not sure what caused the rapid advancement, but I am sure that it was the system in which Jennifer and Jessica were referring to in their presentation.