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Congratulations to our contest winner: Pat Hooper.

The contest is now over, but we appreciate everyone’s participation.

So many people have shared such great stories about how The Entire World of R has helped them professionally and the impact it’s had on their students or own children.

We thought we’d do something fun and exiting–a Contest!

Answer the question, Why “I Love The Entire World of R”? Just post a video or Blog entry sharing your story. First place winner gets $500!

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I Love The Entire World of R Contest



    I purchased The Entire World of RTM card games about three years ago and have since collected nearly all of Say It Right’s The Entire World of R products. I love these resources!

    As a public school SLP with 25 years of experience, I think these are the absolute best resources anywhere for helping students correct the infamous vocalic /r/. Typically, if children don’t correct the /r/ sound early, they struggle with it for years—and so do we. By the later years of elementary school, students are usually bored in speech therapy sessions, but The Entire World of R has changed all that. The card games, for example, are a huge hit with kids. Rather than one game with the usual list of /r/ words, there are separate games for working on -air, -ar, -er, and so on. I love being able to expose kids to such a huge variety of /r/ words. Why keep repeating “car” when you can talk about “underwater”, “bruise”, “deerskin”, and “arduous”?! There are lots of options to engage kids of all ages both in the classroom and during practice at home.

    I have been so happy with these resources that I have purchased all of them myself, rather than requisitioning them through the school district, so that I don’t have to give them up when I retire. My latest purchase, The Entire World of R Curriculum Book, may be the best yet. It includes activities for ABC order, synonyms and antonyms, punctuation, and capitalization, all aligned to the curriculum and all designed to advance the pronunciation of /r/ in all positions and blends.

    Put simply, The Entire World of R really works. It makes my job easier. It makes the road to correct pronunciation easier for my students. And seeing them have so much fun on the journey reminds me why I became a speech therapist in the first place.

  2. Why I Love the Entire World of R:
    I am a speech-language pathologist in the schools. I have many students who mispronounce the /r/ sound on my caseload. It seemed like they would be on my caseload forever and made very little progress. It was frustrating for them and for me. I tried everything to help them! I was introduced to the entire world of /r/ by one of my fellow speech therapists. It is a fun, easy to follow program and I immediately started seeing improvement in my kids. Traditional /r/ therapy focuses on /r/ in the beginning, middle and ending position in words, but there are 21 variations of the /r/ sound! The Entire World of R screening form helps you find the exact variation of /r/ that the child needs to work on. There is a nice heirarch y to follow for therapy. Beginning with visual /r/ sounds, such as /ar/, really helped my students shape their /r/ sound. I found that once they were able to master /ar/ other sounds such as /or/ came much easier and sometimes without theraputic interventions. I had 3 students that had been in speech for 3 years for /r/ with little to no progress. Once I started the entire world of /r/ they were released from speech after 9 months! They made progress every session and gained a tremendous amount of confidence! I had a 9th grade student who began therapy in September 2008 and was released the end of November 2008! It is a wonderful program and I love everything about it. I also have the book of /r/ stories and they are great! You can easily pick out a story that has the variation of /r/ you are working on in therapy. I love the Entire World of R because it is easy to follow and truly works! It helps your students become confident in their ability to communicate. Now when I get /r/ students on my caseload I feel more confident in my ability to treat their disorder. I highly recommend this program!

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