The school year is nearing-5 weeks left!   I have begun to accelerate my students especially my 5th graders.  I have found the following technique to be quite effective and has lead to generalization of other /r/ allophones that had been misproduced.


I re-administered the Entire World of R Advanced Screening tool.  Afterward, I made two lists:

1).  All correctly produced /r/ words from the 4 /r/ categories\

prevocalic /r/, initial /r/ blends and vocalic /r/

2).  Misproduced /r/ words

Correctly produced words emphasize placement, auditory and kinesthetic awareness.  

At the beginning and end of each session, I read the list and have the student repeat each word to me right after I produce it.  I tell them we are going fast as I did not want them to over think their /r/ productions ( many distortions and hesitations  happen when students do this)


I intermix correct and incorrect /r/ words and see if them not thinking about /r/ words helps them to generalize the word.  Often times, /r/ allophones begin to generalize (be correctly produced).  I then cross out the misproduced /r/ word and add it to the correctly produced /r/ word list.


Motivation is increased because there is a visual example of words being added to the correctly produced words list.  Auditory and kinesthetic awareness is exercised and progress is accounted for on a session to session basis.