Determining Stimulability and correct productions

I have been focusing in my intervention -speech sound disorders with students on finding the correct production.  I use the  Say It Right Entire World of R single word screening, Entire World of /s/ and /z/ and the Entire World of /sh/ and /ch/single word screening  to pinpoint exactly where the error patterns are and where the stimulability for the individual student lies.

Stimulable sounds are sounds that can be imitated correctly, (Millisen, 1954)

According to Miccio, 2005 sounds that were stimulable were more likely to be added to the phonetic inventory regardless of  of sounds selected for treatment.  Stimulability was as important a predictor of success following treatment than the treatment itself.  For a child to acquire features of the more complex sounds the student must first master the less complex phonetic distinctions.  For /r/, this is mastering and having consistent correct productions of the chosen target sound.  The chosen target sound is the correctly produced word or “key word” that was identified on the EWR single word or EWR Advanced Screening.

Miccio, A. W. (2005). A treatment program for enhancing stimulability. In Kamhi, A. G., & Pollock, K.E., (Eds.). (2005). Phonological disorders in children: Clinical decision making in assessment and intervention (pp. 163-173). Baltimore, MD: Paul H Brookes