Yoga is preparation for life.  The way we are on the yoga mat, our thoughts and reactions, Yoga for Small Spacesmirrors the way we are in life.   

When things get tough or when something happens that you do not like how do you respond?  How do the students you are working with respond?

Do you make noises?  Flap your arms or hands?      Tune out?  Leave the room?        Get angry?  Start being disruptive?    Distract yourself?  Check out mentally?

Yoga for Small Spaces can be done in a  chair or a small amount of space-standing.  Yoga does not necessarily have to be done standing in a large room.  Participants can still achieve breath and movement in a chair or a classroom or office setting.  Stress and  anxiety are common among  speech and language students.  Signs of this may occur with student being  withdrawn and anxious in intervention sessions.  Anxiety affects the emotions which in turn activates  the autonomic nervous system which is the balance between stress and relaxation; fight or flight.    Anxiety activates the sympathetic nervous system which increase blood pressure and the person may feel as though a bear is chasing them.  Many people stay in this chronic  sympathetic state-not breathing mindfully or actually holding the breath which makes the feeling worse.  Participating in mindful movements such as yoga and breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system or the relaxation response.  The body perceives this  as the opposite of muscle tension.  Yoga provides a balance for the nervous system.  There are physical signs of students not being ready to learn-which may consist of  putting head on the desk, talking, cracking knuckles, etc.  The job of an educator is to  observe students then investigate what is behind all of the distracting behavior.  Try Yoga for Small Spaces to engage your students in the learning process through learning and movement.


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