You know You’re an SLP When………………………………….

This phrase pops up a lot in my search engine terms so I thought I’d compile an extensive list of some of my favorite SLP inside-jokes.

Here we go:

You know you’re a Speech-Language Pathologist when…

…you speak entirely in abbreviations

…you are often caught spending endless amounts of money in the dollar store and yelling “WHAT?! Its for my JOB, ok?!?!”

…you casually drop the words “diadochokinetic rates” at parties to impress your friends

…you are the only adult you know who still plays with bubbles on a daily basis and enjoys it

…you could easily do language therapy with the items in your purse

…you carry earplugs around and worry about infant hearing loss at hockey games

…you see bad parenting and start talking loudly about the duties of a mandated reporter

…you ask excitedly to look in someone’s ears if they say they’re sick

…you understand that ‘ship’ and ‘sip’ do NOT start with the same sound

…you’ve been known to talk to yourself in your room in funny voices for hours on end

…listening to Screamo hurts your vocal folds almost as much as your cochlea

…you’ve possibly lost all connection with the male population…other than little boys, old men, and the occasional good-looking dad.

…you notice a friend is a little hoarse and you ask them if they know their current S/Z ratio

…you get annoyed by people’s impossible pragmatic skills

…friends and family ask you to assess their children, too bad you already did it without them knowing.

…you use the term “quick and dirty” in a clinical setting

…SOAP has nothing to do with staying clean

…. /ju noʊ wət ðIs sɛz /

…you tell all of your friends that your boyfriend has the largest set of … tonsils that you’ve ever seen.

…you hesitate to set up one of your SLP gal pals with a guy because he MAYBE (yeah he does) has a lisp

…your friends assume you have early onset dementia every time you lose something

…you realize your name tag has had a sticker covering your name for a week. That sticker says “I like to follow the leader!”

…your friend has a new boyfriend and you’re worried about their future children because he has some syndromic features

…you get the giggles at a conference when someone is referred to as a swallowing expert

…you’ve ever spent an extended period of time trying to explain your career to people. “No I don’t work with just /r/” “No, I’m not a glorified teacher” “No I don’t play board games for the sake of playing board games” “No I’m not a linguist” “No I don’t want to work on the radio”

…you genuinely enjoy your job every day. Nanny nanny naaaanny to people that don’t like their jobs!


  1. you listen to adults you have never met giving speeches and think to yourself “I can help you”

  2. When you are talking to someone and automatically evaluating their articulation skills!

  3. When playing with a two year old, you are calculating their MLU in your head!

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