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Practical Intervention Strategies; Educating Teacher and Parents About the Intervention Process

    I met with a parent this week for a student who has a phonological disorder. It was an annual review meeting and previous goals were  reviewed. The previous goal was written in jargon that only a speech pathologist would know with no baseline results.  This made it difficult for me to measure progress, the parent, teacher  and school administrator did not understand the phonological processes jargon. It made me reflect on...

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How long will /r/ Intervention take?

  Say it Right began 2013 with early detection/intervention month.  Research has shown that the speech-language intervention initiated at a younger age necessitates fewer treatment units than if initiated in later years the less  time is required to master speech and language goals.  (Jacoby, et al, 2002).  It is important to begin intervention for /r/ no later than 7. 5 years because the majority of the 32 /r/ sounds have been acquired...

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the Importance of Early Detection and Early Intervention for Children

Say It Right is beginning 2013 year with early detection/intervention month!  Research has shown that the earlier intervention begins, the shorter intervention time is required to master goals (Jacoby, et al, 2002).  Speech-language  intervention initiated at a younger age necessitates fewer treatment units than if initiated in later years. For SLP’s working with vocalic /r/,  you will be glad to know that there is also research...

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Yoga and Learning

Yoga is preparation for life.  The way we are on the yoga mat, our thoughts and reactions, mirrors the way we are in life.    When things get tough or when something happens that you do not like how do you respond?  How do the students you are working with respond? Do you make noises?  Flap your arms or hands?      Tune out?  Leave the room?        Get angry?  Start being disruptive?    Distract yourself?  Check out...

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The Ideal Age to Begin /r/ Intervention

I am often asked what the ideal age is to begin intervention for /r. I would love to give you a definite answer, however it really depends upon the child. Life is not like that! Some kids may be ready at age 5 years and others when they are 8 years. I always like to follow my approach about facilitating /r/ rather than teaching it. If you administer the EWR screening and find a correct production then the child is ready for intervention. If not...

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