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Practical Strategies for Prevocalic /r/

I often explain to students that if they misproduce prevocalic /r/ and substitute /w/ for /r/ as in west for rest that there can be confusion with  listeners.  I use the EWR 8 deck set prevocalic  and medial/final /rl/ deck to visually show the difference between rest as in your bed and west the direction.   I place the two cards side by side and visually show them the difference while working on auditory discrimination. Howay for Wodney...

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Practical Strategies for /r/ Articulation Disorders for Prevocalic /r/

Since prevocalic /r/ misproductions are often characterized by gliding or w/r substitution that is an issue that should cease at around age five. Many times it remains an issue beyond the preschool years.  I have seen many SLP’s administer intervention for prevocalic /r/ by instructing students produce an er in front of the prevocalic /r/ sound as in the words red, becomes errrr red.  Unfortunately, this becomes habitual for students and...

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Practical Strategies for students with /r/ Misproductions/Speech Sound Disorders

I am often asked the question of what to do when you have a student who had a phonological disorder and the only sound left is /r/.  Do you dismiss or continue intervention to work on /r/? As I posted earlier if a student substitutes w/r as in wed for red that is considered to be gliding which is age appropriate until age five.  After that, it is considered to be a disorder or needs to be addressed in intervention.  Most students can work on...

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Stimulability for Speech-Sound Disorders

Determining Stimulability and correct productions I have been focusing in my intervention -speech sound disorders with students on finding the correct production.  I use the  Say It Right Entire World of R single word screening, Entire World of /s/ and /z/ and the Entire World of /sh/ and /ch/single word screening  to pinpoint exactly where the error patterns are and where the stimulability for the individual student lies. Stimulable sounds...

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Common Developmental Errors for Vocalic /r/, Prevocalic /r/ and Initial /r/ blends

Common Errors for /r/ Use the Entire World of R Book of Elicitation Techniques and the Entire World of R Advanced Screening to determine /r/ misproductions Sound Common errors Expected age of mastery prevocalic /r/ substitution of w/r as in wed for red age 5 prevocalic /r/ substitution of v for /r/ Never acceptable  at any age. vocalic /r/ vowelization ca for car age 5 initial /r/ blends cluster reduction –...

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Progress Reports for Speech and Language Intervention

It is progress report time.  How will you report progress to teachers, parents and administrators?  The first and easiest way I find to do this is to keep daily progress notes for each student.  When I do this, the notes and percentages are right in front of me.  How do I keep progress for vocalic /r/?   I use the baseline results page found in the Entire World of R book of Elicitation Techniques and in the Entire World of R Advanced...

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