/r/ Therapy

How long will /r/ Intervention take?

  Say it Right began 2013 with early detection/intervention month.  Research has shown that the speech-language intervention initiated at a younger age necessitates fewer treatment units than if initiated in later years the less  time is required to master speech and language goals.  (Jacoby, et al, 2002).  It is important to begin intervention for /r/ no later than 7. 5 years because the majority of the 32 /r/ sounds have been acquired...

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the Importance of Early Detection and Early Intervention for Children

Say It Right is beginning 2013 year with early detection/intervention month!  Research has shown that the earlier intervention begins, the shorter intervention time is required to master goals (Jacoby, et al, 2002).  Speech-language  intervention initiated at a younger age necessitates fewer treatment units than if initiated in later years. For SLP’s working with vocalic /r/,  you will be glad to know that there is also research...

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You know You’re an SLP When………………………………….

http://slpslwstl.wordpress.com/2011/07/05/you-know-youre-an-slp-when-2/ This phrase pops up a lot in my search engine terms so I thought I’d compile an extensive list of some of my favorite SLP inside-jokes. Here we go: You know you’re a Speech-Language Pathologist when… …you speak entirely in abbreviations …you are often caught spending endless amounts of money in the dollar store and yelling “WHAT?! Its for my JOB, ok?!?!” …you...

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8 Important Facts To Remember For /r/ Therapy

Here are a few key points to get you started: Self Love: Don’t forget that being a Speech Therapist is a heavy burden sometimes.  We are hard working and perform a lot of miracles but this can’t be done with out a little bit of self love.  Take care of yourself this year. Positive Feedback: Remember that when things get difficult to always provide positive feedback, no matter how frustrating a case may be.  Even if it’s...

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Mindful therapy-Natural tongue position

It is important especially during therapy with /r/, that we as SLP’s are aware of the type of /r/ we are making when we produce the /r/ sound. We are skilled speakers and our tongue moves in the correct manner unconsciously. Our students, with /r/ mis-productions, however, need to be shown how to move the tongue in a skillful manner. We can start first with knowing what our tongue does when we produce the /r/ sound. Say the word star with...

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What is your default behavior?

I want to focus on a theme today. Let’s focus on, “What is your default when things in life, especially the job of a SLP, get difficult or overwhelming?”   Do you flee, distract or indulge yourself, become angry, have fear?  How do we know what our default is?  We do this by first: becoming aware of what we perceive to be a difficult situation and secondly: being mindful and learning to become an observer of how we react to various...

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