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Correcting the R Sound: A Primer for Parents

Are you a parent looking for more information on the R sound?  Are you an SLP that would like a concise reference handout for parents and teachers on the production of /r/, especially vocalic /r/?  Here’s a link to a short article that I guest wrote for MommySpeechTherapy.com that contains some of the basics that you might be interested in.  Click on the link to view: Correcting the R Sound: A Primer for...

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American SLP in England?

Does anyone know of an American SLP working in England? How would you solve this problem? “My husband and I, and both children, are American. However, we moved to England in 2006 and have been here ever since. Our kids have been in our local London neighborhood school for four years now. I suspect that something about the timing of our move affected my son’s speech and basically did away with his /r/ sounds! He was 3 1/2 years old...

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