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Vocalic R Success Stories!

Everyone loves a good story. Just about all school-based speech-language pathologists (SLPs) have also had trouble with a vocalic /r/ articulation disordered student at some point. Perhaps more than one? Come on fess up… Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Been frustrated? Felt like pulling your hair out? But (for most) at some point something worked? What was it? What made a difference? What did you try that worked? For the...

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Which Entire World of R products do you recommend?

The Entire World of R™ is the pioneer in vocalic /r/ remediation. The Entire World of R™ is a complete prouduct line designed to treat /r/ articulation disorders. There are over 30 products in the complete product line. One of the most frequenty asked questions are which products to get. The answer depends on what your specifc circumstances. For example: Are you just treating one or two students?; Are you a parent working with your child...

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Got a Question about Vocalic R Articulation Disorders? 2007-Aug 2008

If you have a question about a vocalic /r/ articulation disorders, please post it here. If you have a question, there are most likely others that have the same question and could benefit from your post. What questions about vocalic /r/ do you have? These are questions posted and answered from 2007-2008. For more questions and answers, see the post above for the current school year.

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Vocalic R

Welcome to The Entire World of R Blog!  Are you a speech-language pathologist, special education teacher, English-as-a-second language instructor or parent of a child with an “r” articulation disorder?    Does /r/ cause you problems?  Whether you call it vocalic r, r-controlled vowels, vowel-r, or r-colored vowel, we hope this blog will help you.  This site is dedicated to all things /r/.  This is a place to discuss...

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