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American SLP in England?

Does anyone know of an American SLP working in England? How would you solve this problem? “My husband and I, and both children, are American. However, we moved to England in 2006 and have been here ever since. Our kids have been in our local London neighborhood school for four years now. I suspect that something about the timing of our move affected my son’s speech and basically did away with his /r/ sounds! He was 3 1/2 years old...

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The King’s Speech

We absolutely loved this movie. What a treat to view such an engaging story, especially one that highlights the importance of speech and the impact that professional speech-language pathologists can have on the lives of their clients. I saw this review recently by Tim Mackesey, CCC-SLP, BRSFD and though it spot on. With permission we share it here: The King’s Speech is a must see movie. King George VI, with a severe stammer, was forced...

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Ah, the tricky /rl/! Research shows that the /rl/ combination is the most frequently misproduced sound, almost 3x more likely to be incorrect than /ear/ combinations. Why? 1. The /l/ in /rl/ is sometimes called the “dark” /l/, because its production occurs completely inside the mouth (thus no visual cues) 2. The /r/ and /l/ are both liquids or guide sounds, thus they are both complex and changing to descrivbe and produce. 3. The...

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Nonsense Words and Artic

Nonsense Words are a great tool in your kit to help break through poor phonological habits. Nonsense words are meaningless words (e.g. Gar, Har, Nar) that maintain useful phonologic patterns. Since, the nonsense words are novel to a student and are not frozen in a child’s lexical system; it forces the student to focus on the component sounds, perhaps resulting in a successful production which can be used as a facilitator for other...

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Palatal Height and /r/

We just had a couple of questions on palatal height (high arch and torus palatinus) affecting /r/ production. In my experience, there is not specific manner or place of articulation for /r/, so my emphasis has been on attaining a successful production of /r/ in some context. This is what The Entire World of R Advanced Screening and Screening Kit attempt to assist with. Obviously abnormalities in the oral cavity may distort sound production. Has...

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“I Love The Entire World of R” Contest — Win $500

Congratulations to our contest winner: Pat Hooper. The contest is now over, but we appreciate everyone’s participation. So many people have shared such great stories about how The Entire World of R has helped them professionally and the impact it’s had on their students or own children. We thought we’d do something fun and exiting–a Contest! Answer the question, Why “I Love The Entire World of R”? Just...

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