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The Importance of Conversational Speech Sample for Speech Therapy Evaluations and Intervention Sessions

  Importance of a conversational speech sample A fluency student of mine had a trienniel evaluation coming up.  I administered the Stuttering Severity Index  and did not notice any dysfluencies.  I was still seeing him for intervention and decided to walk around the track with another fluency student so we could engage in a naturalistic conversation.  I heard part and whole word repetitions during his conversational speech sample.  I...

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Stimulability for Speech-Sound Disorders

Determining Stimulability and correct productions I have been focusing in my intervention -speech sound disorders with students on finding the correct production.  I use the  Say It Right Entire World of R single word screening, Entire World of /s/ and /z/ and the Entire World of /sh/ and /ch/single word screening  to pinpoint exactly where the error patterns are and where the stimulability for the individual student lies. Stimulable sounds...

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Common Developmental Errors for Vocalic /r/, Prevocalic /r/ and Initial /r/ blends

Common Errors for /r/ Use the Entire World of R Book of Elicitation Techniques and the Entire World of R Advanced Screening to determine /r/ misproductions Sound Common errors Expected age of mastery prevocalic /r/ substitution of w/r as in wed for red age 5 prevocalic /r/ substitution of v for /r/ Never acceptable  at any age. vocalic /r/ vowelization ca for car age 5 initial /r/ blends cluster reduction –...

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Effective Phonological Intervention

Yesterday, before my first phonological group at school, I read the article below by Jennifer Taps and Jessica Barlow CSHA 2013: Powerful Assessment and Analysis for Children with Phonological Disorders   I used the Say It Right Entire World of /s/, /r/ and /l/ blends change a story flip book.  It was effective because there are three panels options with colorful pictures.    You can change one panel or all three.  I gave the...

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Spring Forward With Celebrations and Seasons

It is time to Spring clocks forward into Spring.  Say It Right’s Celebrations and Seasons Activity Book, wheel and Sequence cards are ideal for educating students about the yearly seasons.  Many of the students that I work with are not familiar with why there is more light I talk to my students briefly at the beginning of each session about holidays and seasons.  I find that many of my articulation students also need to be educated...

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Tracking Correct and Stimulable Vocalic /r/, Initial /r/ blends and Prevocalic /r/ Words

Measuring Progress I have found that an effective way to measure progress is to keep track of correctly produced and stimulable words.  The kids and I have customized a definition of what stimulable means. It is not correct, but not completely misproduced.  If I have a group of students, I will give one student at a time a turn and have the other students in the group work on ear training and listening to  correct, incorrect and stimulable...

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